Beating the Post

It’s not nearly as violent as it sounds. In fact, it’s not violent at all.

This morning and afternoon I made a mad dash of letter writing, trying to write as many as I could before the mail arrived. I got the fourth letter sealed and stamped minutes before the mail came. Well, technically, the first letter was written yesterday, but the mail didn’t come, so the ones from today joined it. And, with my wife as witness, off they went!

It felt good to spend time on my 1965 Hermes 3000, writing long overdue letters. I’m still way behind, responding to letters from late March. You would think I’m a celebrity or something. I’m a poor pen pal, much like I’m a Poor Typist. But those who have corresponded with me before have come to expect the delay. It does seem to make their receipt of my next letter a genuine surprise.

I think I might be typed out for the day. Letter writing doesn’t sound taxing–at all–yet it requires careful thought of wording and content. What to write? How to word it? Is that offensive? Where’s the Ko-Rec-Type?

This very well could have been a post on that other blog, and yet it landed here.

So be it.

We’ve Only Just Begun… Again and Again and Again and Again and Again

It’s happened again. I’ve blown up my blog again. may have a built-in audience, but that audience is not very responsive. The users are mostly techies and people working in IT. So I never really did connect with anyone. I tried. I liked posts. I commented. I followed. But virtually nothing in return.

If I want to write a blog for an audience of one, at least now I’m saving five bucks a month. And I have total control on my own hosted website.

I was actually quite pleased to discover this clean, bare-bones theme. Kind of what I wanted all along. Just a blog. Nothing else.